Saturday, April 26, 2014


Husband and wife dialogue:
The husband : did you pray ‘Asr prayer ?
The wife : No !
The husband : Why ?
The wife : I just arrived from work and I am a bit tired. I will go to sleep.
The husband : Ok ! Go pray ‘Asr and Maghrib before the Athan for ‘Isha prayer starts.
The next day, as usual, the husband went on a business trip which would last for days.
He left the house. After few hours he arrived
at his destination.
The wife waited for his call as usual. He didn’t call or inbox her.
She phoned him but no reply! She became irritated and worried about him.
She phoned again and again but no reply !
After few hours he phoned her.
The wife : are you ok, honey ?!!
The husband : yes, I am ok. Alhamdulillah.
The wife : when did you arrive ?
The husband : four hours now.
The wife : «surprised » : FOUR hours !!! but you didn’t call !!!
The husband : I arrived a bit tired and I went to sleep.
The wife : You could have called me. It wouldn’t have taken more than few minutes.
Didn’t you hear the phone ringing ?
The husband : Yes, I did.
The wife : why didn’t you answer the phone?
Didn’t you care?
The husband : (silent)….. But yesterday you also didn’t care when you heard the Adhan,
a call from ALLAH…

The wife : (silent, and tears in her eyes).
You are right, honey. I am sorry !
The husband : Ask ALLAH subhanahu wa ta’ala to forgive you, not me!

What I want is that we keep our religious duties under the guidance of AHLEBAIT (a.s), so that we can be together in Jannah..


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